As a mastering engineer, I am committed to objectivity and do my best to elevate your production to the next level of sound. This ranges from subtle interventions to corrective editing steps - always with the goal of fulfilling the client's wishes.

4 steps to your master

1. Request a master

Describe the scope of the project and what you hope to get out of mastering.

2. Upload

Upload your final mix as a .WAV file via WeTransfer or send a download link.

3. Mix check

Wait for confirmation of your mix. Once everything is cleared, new customers will receive an invoice.

4. Download

After receipt of payment, you will receive your final master within 3-5 days via download.



Höre dir aktuelle Referenzen auf Spotify an oder erfahre, was Kunden sagen.


Hybrid studio setup consisting of technology from SPL, Antelope Audio, PSI Audio, Fab Filter, Izotope, Plugin Alliance, Eventide, Telefunken (AEG).


  • Mastering for CD, vinyl, MC and digital distribution.
  • Processing up to 96 kHz, 32-bit (float).
  • Hybrid studio setup (analog and digital processing).
  • Free revisions and mix check by arrangement.
  • Partner for publishers, labels, producers and artists.
  • Audio restoration
Offizieller Apple Digital Masters Anbieter


.WAV or .AIFF file
min. 44.1 kHz at 24-bit

No limiter on sum, dither or normalization
approx. -6 dBrms optimal
Upload is done via WeTransfer.


Besides the price per song I also offer individual pricing for projects like special EPs and Albums. You can go ahead and request a custom quote.