• Listening to my track after a Jan Grimm Mastering drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
    Cankat Guenel
    People Of Light (Single)
  • Jan creates a very relaxed, positive and productive atmosphere in his small but nice and very personal studio. He had super ideas and he always seems to anticipate what you want and where you want to go.
    Marco Berger
    Marco Berger (Album)
  • JGM sets the bar high when it comes to a wholesome audio mix and master. A great experience from the first concept to the final release.
    The Mountain King
    WolloW (Album)
  • Jan is an excellent sound engineer who did the very best for the mix.
    Eric Hollinger
    Gate To Xibalba (Split-EP)
  • I’m very impressed with Jan's work and would not hesitate to work with them again on the next project.
    Alex Garden
    Sonder II (Album)

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